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9705 Main Street
Manassas, VA 20110

Baldwin Elementary is a Title 1 school located in the City of Manassas which serves Georgetown South, Colonial Village and surrounding apartments. The school population is over 70% ESOL and 80% of the student body at Baldwin is at poverty level. Many students are from single parent families and have experienced a great deal of loss from parents being deported, incarcerated, abandonment and even death.

Ongoing Opportunities to Serve Students:
* Mentoring students before or after school


5775 Spindle Court
Centreville, VA 20121

Mountain View is an alternative high school for pregnant, parenting and at-risk teens, located in Centerville, Virginia. The Life Church has been serving the students of MVHS for the past 16 years. Most students are underprivileged, yet they are choosing to have their babies, raise them and go on to finish their high school education. Many go on to college or trade school and are truly inspiring!

Ongoing Opportunities to Serve Students:
* Lunch ‘n Learn Program (October thru May)
2nd Wednesday of the Month from 11am – 12pm
-sometimes this is the only hot meal they receive all month

* Mothers Day/Fathers Day Outreach Team

* Graduation Reception Team (February & June)

* Christmas Campaign (Each December)


7801 Garner Drive
Manassas, VA 20109

Support is provided to the staff, teachers and students of Sinclair Elementary through acts of service and generous hospitality throughout the school year.

Ongoing Opportunities to Serve:

* Tutoring Reading & Math
Contact: Renee Pinnock at

* Event Opportunities
РLuncheons & Hospitality
– Appreciation Baskets
– School Supply Refresh
– School Carnival

Contact: Barbara Trunko at