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Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

Student Mission Trip Summer 2017

Must be a rising sophomore (completed your Freshman year of High School)
A rising Freshman may attend with a parent.

Interest Meetings:

Winchester | March 5 – 12:30PM

Warrenton | March 12 – 12:30PM

Manassas | March 19 – 1:30PM


Several years ago the Life Church began a partnership with Verbo Church in Nicaragua. Our goal is to help assist with ongoing efforts to impact The Casa Bernabe Orphanage, the Caminante community and other communities in and around Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua through efforts that Support a Long term “PEACE”Plan.

Some previous accomplishments so far are : Building homes for some of the neediest in the western hemisphere,Finance and Building of the Feeding center that now feeds 600 children 5 days a week, Finance the building of a storage facility, Participate in Medical Clinics and ministry to Orphan Children at Casa Bernebe Orphanage, Build an addition to the feeding Center, and provide financial support to feed the children at the feeding center. Build a new school building at the Airport School. VBS style programs for young children at the Orphanage and launch a youth ministry for the forgotten older children in the orphanage.

Puerto Cabaezas, Nicaragua which is on the east coast of Nicaragua with a population of apprx. 55,000 people. We will base all operations and be staying on the Verbo Church property which also houses the Casa Bernabe Orphanage. Nicaragua is a third world country and the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere(next to Haiti). So the comforts we take for granted here are not a given there. We will be exposed to a perspective of life in a much larger and different world than we know here.


Flights will leave from Washington Dulles Airport. We will fly to the Capital City of Nicaragua which is Managua. There is no direct flight so there will be a connection which will most likely be Miami or El Salvador.
Managua is on the west coast of the country and we need to get to Puerto Cabazes which is on the east coast. We connect another flight at LaCostena and fly into Puerto Cabazes.

Pictured beside is one of the planes in the LaCostena fleet.


We will be staying at the Verbo Church Property and Casa Bernabe Orphange which is run by The Verbo Church and Pastor Earl Bowie.

The property has team housing. Bunk style rooms are provided and a few rooms are available for families. Bathrooms are shared from common areas. The property is gated and safe.
The Property is directly adjacent to the orphanage which currently cares for about 140 children


All meals are prepared at the facility for us. We have 3 meals a day all served at the property. American style meals are prepared. If there are specific diatary needs or restrictions adjustments can be made.

Typical foods are: Cereals, Eggs, Pancakes, Fruit, Rice and Beans, Chicken, Salad, tacos, spaghetti, Fresh Bread, Fish.


Our Mission Trip has several opportunities to serve.

Construction Project: TBD

Teen Ministry: Minister to the teenagers living in the orphanage.

Children’s Ministry and Outreach: Love kids, Play with the younger children, befriend and minister to them.

COST OF TRIP – $1,750

$500 with application is due no later than April 2, 2017 ($500)
2nd payment is due on May 2, 2017 ($600)
3rd payment is due on June 2, 2017 ($650)

All money paid into the mission trip fund are NON-Refundable



TRIP DATES- June 24 – July 1, 2017


Meeting dates to be announced. One in April, May and June.

DONATIONS – We make it very easy for anyone to donate to your mission trip account.

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Sign up to go on this trip. Fill out the form and be prepared to make the initial payment of $600.